Welcome to the Adventure

A bit about us...


We're the Bryants!

We're an average family of four, living in the UK, but we have a passion for new adventures!

It's always been our "family thing". We have 2 tiddlers (not so tiddly now!) who have always enjoyed nothing more than being outside- the more full on, and dirtier the better! So we were launched into this lifestyle and it became something we fully embraced.

In every day life, the fun, the adventures, feeling alive, and finding your niche, can often be put on a back burner when trying to balance work, home and family. But children grow up so fast, something we have found out all too quickly, so we take advantage of the time we have at the weekends, school holidays, even after a day at work/school to get outside and have an adventure. It's good for the soul, it clears the mind, all the while discovering new and wonderful places or returning to a happy place, allowing us to connect as a family unit.

As the children are getting older, their zest for adventure grows. They are constantly wanting to try new things, helping them find out what they enjoy and also what they are good at, as they become their own person. It goes hand in hand with learning and sets them up with an extra education, that can't be achieved within the four walls of school. 

On our quest, we've found new places locally that we weren't even aware had existed, and we found beautiful places around the UK and abroad.

So the blog? Approximately 2 and half years ago, friends encouraged me (Mum) to start documenting our days out with more information, as they were always intrigued as to where we'd been after seeing photographs. Not being the most confident of people, I had a lot of self doubt but after much consideration....OK HUGE amounts, I bit the bullet and entered the social media world of blogging. Our page has slowly grown on Facebook, and I have had lots of feedback, about how the page has helped others and I decided it was time for expansion. 

With a change of circumstances, within our home life, it gave more time to dedicate and now we can be found here, Pinterest, Instagram and very recently an app!

So here we are, sharing our journey and hopefully we will inspire you to try something new!

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