Updated: Feb 7, 2020

What is it?

Geocaching, ever heard of it?! No? Well, let me enlighten you. To all intents and purposes, it's a treasure hunt!

Now don't expect pots of gold or buried treasure but it can be fun to search out, all the same. An item/s is hidden at a particular location, using GPS coordinates posted on to an app and you have to search to find it.

What will I find?

The geocaches range from containers with items in them, we've found small toys (think McDonalds' toys) in which you are able to take one and replace with something else, but we have also found small magnet containers the size of a fingernail, containing only a log book. You will need to take a pen to log your findings in the book/record paper.

Where will I find a geocache?

They are everywhere! I would guess that you've walked past so many, without even realising. They can be found in the woods, on beaches and even in busy cities. Some are hiding in plain sight.

How do I get started?

Download an app. I have included a picture of the app, which we have used. (This is in no way endorsed by us, it's just a starting point.) Once the app has been downloaded, create an account and allow access to GPS. Now you're good to go. A map will load with all geocaches located nearby.

Unfortunately with a lot of apps, they have "In-app purchases" and this is one of them! For some of the geocaches, you will be prompted to upgrade to receive more information, coordinates and hints. Upgrade is a personal choice and something we haven't bothered with.

Why should I Geocache?

Why shouldn't you geocache? It's something for all the family to do together, whether that be finding them or making your own and hiding them.

It gets you outside! Enjoying the fresh air, exercising, yet adding focus to ramble.

If we're going to be using a screen and involved with technology, then at least do it together and outside.

You could find new places, new sights and scenery, experience unfamiliar places like the locals do or unearth parts of your own city that often go unnoticed.

Next Steps:

1) Download the app.

2) Create an account.

3) Decide which geocache to search for.

4) Take a pen, make a record on the log book.

5) Replace.

If searching on busy streets, please be aware of traffic and other obstacles!!

A similar game is Pokemon Go, locating Pokemon on a GPS location and capturing them but this is all done digitally. No wild Pokemon :-)

Happy Adventuring!

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