Milestones Museum

Updated: Feb 24

Well, today may have been sunny but it was chilly ❄❄ and as we braved the weather yesterday, we decided Milestones Museum would be the destination for our adventure today. Situated in Basingstoke Leisure Park, Milestones is not your average museum, it's where you can spend the day inside yet feel like you're outside. This has to be one of our favourite museums.

It is made up of cobbled streets, lined with shops dating from the Victorians through to the 1940's. The Museum seemed quieter than usual and we were able to take part in the audio tour. 😊. The traditional sweet shop is always popular when we visit, take the old penny and ration card (£1 on entry) and collect your chosen treat from the jar 🍬🍬....blackcurrant and liquorice humbugs 😍🤗 What a treat?! Trams and other vehicles are on display along with shops and buildings, all with a connection to Hampshire. There's a real pub too. Some of the buildings are set up as they would have been found in that era, whereas others display a selection of objects, showing how they have changed over the years. The toy shop has a whole variety of toys ranging from pre-war to the noughties. 😊 Offering a trip down memory lane... "I had one of those!"

The penny arcade is a fun addition in the 'pier' section of the museum and is reasonably priced at £1 for 10 old pennies 👍👍 Great experience for all ages. Save 10% by booking tickets online. Tickets offer unlimited return for a whole year. 😀😀 🌟🌟Good to know... Easy to find off the motorway, free parking, cafe (but other options available on the leisure park), a room to eat packed lunches and toilet facilities all on site. The leisure park also has ice skating, bowling, swimming, indoor skydiving and skiing, restaurants and fast food outlets. Children’s Trails are often running at Milestones with a variety of themes.


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