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Updated: Feb 28

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When you think of the National Trust, what ideas spring to mind? Old, boring, not suitable for children?

These are some of the things that we have heard, since we have been members and the only one I'd lean towards is 'Old' as the National Trust cares for historic properties and places of natural beauty, through charity work, and have done since 1895.

After scouring the internet for things to do during the Easter Holidays, I stumbled upon Cadbury Egg Hunts, they are hosted by the trust at various properties. The average price for these hunts were between £2-£4 each but this excluded property entry. After weighing up the options, it was easy to see that we could spend our yearly membership price in just ONE long bank holiday weekend, so it was a no brainer.

Are they family friendly?

The Trust is working hard to tailor what's on offer towards families. The properties are always going to be grand and have furniture and décor matching the period it stemmed from but many properties now offer trails and treasure hunts for things that children can spot whilst touring the houses.

Other activities on offer have been giant garden games, trails in the garden and many are offering natural play areas too.

What else can I expect of a National Trust property?

Beautiful and scenic walks are top of the list with properties often having lakes, pleasure gardens and hidden caves and grottoes to explore. Large estates offer the perfect place for a picnic, where you can relax on a blanket or run wild with the kids.

How much?

£133.80 a year or £11.15 a month (Direct Debit)

2 adult family plus their children or grandchildren (0-17years)

£82.80 a year or £6.90 a month (Direct Debit)

1 adult family plus their children or grandchildren (0-17 years)

2 adults £127.80 py

1 adult £76.80 py

Young Person (18-25 year) £38.40 py

Junior (0-17years) £10 py

What does a membership include?

Passes to enter all National Trust Properties. Membership also includes free parking at National Trust sites, a handbook of places on offer to visit and National Trust magazines.

Why it works for us and could work for you...

In general, admission prices can be quite hefty for a family, we have found that having a membership has meant that if we only have a limited time, it takes away the burden of having to stay longer because of the cost of getting in.

We like to travel around the country for mini breaks and have used our memberships many times when road tripping, it offers a place to stop and stretch our legs, somewhere new to explore and the majority have café and toilets...usually both well needed after a long trip.

It gets us outside! The National Trust has something to suit all...beaches or forests? Stately homes or Castles? A maze or an adventure playground?

And it can't all be fun and games, can it?'s educational too...but in a fun way. Allowing us to explore history and learn facts about local places and expand our knowledge about properties and sites around the country.

Want to find out more

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