Treasure Trails

Updated: Feb 10

Looking for a different way to explore your town or maybe a new location? Well, after receiving 2 'Treasure Trails' for Christmas and completing one this week, we would recommend these.

A Treasure Trail is a self guided walk that follows a particular theme. It offers a different and imaginative way of exploring towns, villages and cities, across the UK.

Each trail is an 8 page booklet, with details of where to start, Good directions of where to head for your next clue with riddles, pictures and equations of how to answer each clue. The 'clues' offered enough information but weren't all blatantly obvious, requiring some brain power!!

The trails average at around 2 miles but some are shorter, others longer. Each states how accessible it is, how long it should take and other information such as "Good Pub stops".

The 4 mile circular trail we followed was from Beaulieu to Bucklers Hard, in the New Forest. There is a gravel footpath that leads between both villages that can be walked or cycled. Most clues were at the village locations with a few along the way.

We've visited the quaint village of Beaulieu and the famous Bucklers Hard previously but hadn't realised there was an easy walk between the two. We followed the picturesque riverside walk and explored the area on our newly discovered walkway.

Being in the New Forest we met wild ponies and donkeys along the way, which always adds to the adventure.

🌟🌟Good to Know: This footpath can be followed without a Treasure Trail but we enjoy hunting for clues. More info:

Trails are priced at £9.99 Suitable for older children (and adults, who like this kind of thing) Would be great as competition between 2 teams.

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